Version 0.3.1 has been released!

Hello world!

After 3 long months, I decided to push this one out. Here's full patch notes:
- Added tons of options to add custom backgrounds to custom themes.
- Added particle emitter.
- Added missile turret.
- Added progress block.
- Fixed issue with speed arrows in lower FPS.
- Fixed fatal crash which occurred if no tiles were found.
- Fixed issue when copying playlist portal did not copy its values.
- Fixed ability to scroll downloadable levels even if the end were already reached.
- Fixed issue with Mac version level searching.
- Fixed crashing issue with tile copying.
- Fixed issue, where selecting foggy weather wouldn't stop rain or snow.
- Improved theme changer a lot.
- Improved player physics with portals.
- Improved elevator sync in multiplayer.
- Eased level transition in multiplayer if clients already have the next level.
- Removed debugging text from Zoom block.
- Rewritten backend.

Next version will introduce some new toys for your multiplayer needs and hopefully more hellish graphics! Stay tuned (or just wait the next 3 months)!

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Aug 17, 2017

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