Portal Mortal is now available on Itch.io, DRM-free!

Hello you lovely human beings!

Roughly one year ago I released Portal Mortal on Steam! Today, to celebrate Juhannus (Midsummer), I've also released Portal Mortal here, on Itch.io, DRM-free! This means that you can easily buy and download it once and enjoy it wherever you want! Heck, share it with your friends and invite them to have some chaotic fun in multiplayer, not that I endorse this behavior, but just saying that it is possible!

Enjoy the story,  community made levels or both! Maybe the creativity sparks in you, who knows?

If you would like to support the musician, you can get the whole soundtrack from his bandcamp page: Portal Mortal Soundtrack by Deracol

Portal Mortal is not in active development anymore. After the version 1.1.0 "Alien Threat"-update, the development has entered a maintenance mode. Critical bugs will be fixed, but do not count that any new official content will arrive anytime soon. That being said, over 100 levels should keep anyone busy in a while, especially when nearly all those levels contain a little chest with unique collectible item. All these items can then be used to customize your player character.

A big "thank you" for everyone who have supported my journey through the development of this game!


PortalMortalWIN110.zip 225 MB
Jun 22, 2023
PortalMortalLIN110.zip 224 MB
Jun 22, 2023

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