Portal Mortal beta hits version 0.8.0 and last public version before full release!

Hi there, internet!

This has to be one of the juiciest patches so far! In terms of added content (that is mostly disabled) and all those fine tunings and fixes here and there... This is, yet again, THE patch. Technically, the game is so close being finished that I expect most of the time being now at final level design and story. Still, it feels like an enormous mountain to climb. So close, yet so far. Time is running out, yet there's plenty of it.

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Anyway, here's changelog dump:

  • Added new boss: Trickster.

  • Added new boss: Reclaimer.

  • Added new block: Antigravity field.

  • Added timer and highest time display for each individual level.

  • Added new theme config options: background speed_h and speed_v as well as gap_h and gap_v.

  • Added option backup_theme to config files. Especially useful, if you are going to use graphical assets from another theme.

  • Added "flicker" and "dim" effects as part of all light types.

  • Added new block: Goo. Allows wall jumping.

  • Added support to campaign levels.

  • Added Brazilian Portuguese UI localization.

  • Currently open dropdown selection will close with menu now.

  • Fixed missing or wrong portal sprites when specific skins were in use.

  • Fixed an issue with teleporters, if an odd amount of teleporters were loaded at the beginning of the level.

  • Fixed an issue (hopefully) where player could randomly die against slopes.

  • Fixed an issue (hopefully) where elevators would get stuck against the ceiling.

  • Fixed hats being completely off.

  • Fixed portals not showing the right exit-effect during multiplayer.

  • Fixed an issue where player could fly through spikes without dying after portaling.

  • Fixed an issue, where bosses would cause clients to crash during multiplayer.

  • Fixed some issues related to level loading and value assignment.

  • Fixed a crash which happened when trying to load non-existing animated tile.

  • Fixed a memory leak which would eventually crash the game.

  • Fixed an issue with conveyer belt which would cause player's movement speed grind to halt.

  • Fixed weird sprite issue with rain drops.

  • Fixed an audio issue with Pressurizer.

  • Fixed an issue which would cause the game to crash, if playlist was loaded from menu and played till the end.

  • Fixed an issue during multiplayer when joining in midgame would cause the client to crash.

  • Fixed an issue where portals wouldn't correctly transfer to new player.

  • Fixed an issue, where music would change during the menu visit.

  • Fixed an issue, where part of the background would say dark even if lighting was toggled off.

  • Fixed an issue where screen shake would continue even after level was changed.

  • Fixed an issue where player would look completely different direction than intended with gamepad.

  • Fixed an issue where gamepad would lock the screen when zoom block was locking the screen.

  • Fixed an issue where music wouldn't return back to original state upon level completion.

  • Fixed an issue where part of the menu would cut off from the bottom and right side.

  • Fixed an issue where loading a new theme would cause overlapping with previous tileset.

  • Fixed an issue where same weather effect wouldn't activate upon theme block deletion and replacement.

  • Fixed an issue with Ubuntu, where background elements wouldn't load correctly.

  • Improved localisation files and changed file extension from .ini to .txt.

  • Improved lightning and background lighting.

  • Improved lights with soft/hard mode and gradient slide options.

  • Improved doors and fixed plenty of multiplayer related issues.

  • Improved glitch block.

  • Improved vertical elevators.

  • Improved dropdowns under customization menu.

  • Improved progress block: Now you can choose required number of completed levels from selected playlist.

  • Improved whether to use gamepad or keyboard when launching the game.

  • Improved intro text.

  • Improved Hardcore mode: Can't be toggled during online play and will correctly affect scoring during level completion.

  • Improved portal trail.

  • Improved sound emitters to be actual emitters.

  • Improved playlist portals.

  • Host can now use playlist portals during multiplayer.

  • Hoovering mouse over animated tiles won't change their depth during edit mode.

  • Plenty of little tweaks here and there.

  • Removed replay.

  • Selecting a level or playlist from menu now correctly shows loading screen during singleplayer.

  • Slight adjustments to blood.

  • Utilises 64bit runtime now.

  • Various undocumented little fixes here and there.



PortalMortal_-_0.8.0_win.zip 52 MB
Jun 11, 2021
PortalMortal_-_0.8.0_lin.zip 53 MB
Jun 11, 2021

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