Portal Mortal v1.1.1 is now available!

Hello, everyone!

  • Added support to automatically match FPS with the current refresh rate of the display.
  • Fixed an issue, where player was unable to enter antigravity fields from the sides.
  • Fixed an issue, where player could get a sudden speed boost while falling between 2 portals.
  • Hopefully fixed an issue, again, where player would phase through the ceiling during gravity switch.
  • Modified signs and popup text boxes to work at constant pace, not affected by the "game speed" setting.
  • Plenty of various code improvements and corrections.
  • Small level adjustments.

This is a big one in a small package! If you have 140Hz, 240Hz or whateverHz display, you can really feel the smoothness now: The game is no longer locked at 60fps! There's also plenty of adjustments related "game speed" -option. There were some issues, like missiles had unfair maneuverability and one of the bosses could bug out. These are now sorted along with other minor issues.


PortalMortalWIN111.zip 222 MB
Aug 08, 2023
PortalMortalLIN111.zip 226 MB
Aug 08, 2023

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