Happier new year with QoL improvements and fixes!

Let the year 2021 bring more happiness and joy than this wreched 2020!

This version, 0.7.1, is more of a patch than minor update. It has quite a lot fixes and improvements, but brings almost nothing new on the table. It actually has some hidden in the code, but due to lack of proper testing, I've decided to disable those things.

I'm hoping to achieve big things during Q1, like improving lighting and lightning, adding rest of the missing bosses with their corresponding arts and maybe something else...

On graphical side work is about 70% done. There will be revisits to older themes and checking that everything matches to given theme as they should. Space will receive some rehauling as there's couple of unfitting sprites here and there.  There has been multiple artists working with it, so it may not be as cohisive as rest of the themes.

Soundtrack is about 95% done. Not much left. That's about 2 and half hours of music! And that's AFTER getting rid of unfitting tracks.

Patch notes:

- Added even more transparency to non-solid color blocks.
- Added feedback when changing volume.
- Added "Play once" option to animated tiles.
- Added some new menu SFX.
- Added new block: Notebook. You can leave comments on levels and they'll appear in edit mode.
- Added option to choose "safe zone" for vertical elevators.
- Added new options to config files.
- Added game icon.
- Changed flowers from instances to particles.
- Collectible location is now always visible in customization menu, no matter if it was collected or not.
- Combined kb+m and gamepad tutorials into one.
- Fixed the ending camera in Locked Cabins.
- Fixed an issue where multiple end of level triggers could skip the whole next level during multiplayer.
- Fixed issue with fonts when size of the screen was changed.
- Fixed an issue where players could add more letters to ie. level filter when main menu was in closing animation.
- Fixed an issue with colored solid blocks in multiplayer.
- Fixed an issue which could cause some blocks to drop off from check-state when hosting a game.
- Fixed an issue with doors where they wouldn't correctly show opening/closing animation.
- Fixed issues with switches during multiplayer.
- Fixed issues with lazer engines during multiplayer.
- Fixed an issue where player could accidentally place a block when releasing a space during edit mode.
- Fixed an issue which would cause game to crash when cleaning blood from surfaces.
- Fixed an issue where view would remain zoomed in when window size was being reduced drastically.
- Fixed an issue where view borders would be in the center of the screen while in window-mode, zoomed in, in edit mode and holding left mouse button down.
- Fixed an issue with ice.
- Forced host to reload current level to avoid state desyncs.
- Improved buttons.
- Improved spikes.
- Improved restore blocks.
- Improved racing checkpoints.
- Improved levers.
- Improved boss Pressurizer.
- Improved first time setup screen.
- Improved portal effects.
- Improved collectibles.
- Improved door sync during multiplayer.
- Minor adjustments for landing effect and sounds.
- Music is now directly loaded from "music" folder based on theme configs.
- Reverse and Low gravity blocks now check their Y-axis to choose displayed image.
- Separated sprites for horizontal and vertical lifts.
- Some of the tutorial signs will now automatically show their text when player is in touching distance.
- Unified prompt colors with keyboard and gamepad.
- When main player's gamepad is disconnected during singleplayer, it'll pause the game.


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Dec 29, 2020

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