Version 0.5.1 brings tons of fixes on the table!

This update mostly polishes already existing features and fixes bugs. However, it includes part of a new theme: Nature! Overall, everything should be much more stable, more fluid and just... feel much more finished. I've improved some of the levels, added few new tracks to soundtrack collection, fixed plenty of physics issues and updated all the language files to be up to date!

I've already added plenty of new things to my ToDo-list, like finishing the menu support for gamepad (main menu is currently 100% working with it, but block-menu and editor are currently lacking).

I don't know what to write here, honestly. I thought I had plenty of stories to tell about the development process, but... there's just none. Some irritating hours or even days spend on fixing annoyances and then facepalming to my over 5 years old code. There's just so many little things which make a huge difference. I suggest you take a look at patch notes (provided with README!!!.txt), but here's some semi-randomly picked notes:

- Added more hard coded strings from code into language files.
- Added part of a new theme: Nature.
- Added gamepad support to main menu.
- Added some music to Nature-theme.
- Fixed a bug where player couldn't stay on top of the elevator if it was on top of any other non-solid instance.
- Fixed a collision bug when shooting portals.
- Fixed an issue with "Restart"-menu button.
- Fixed an annoyance, where color blocks would mark level as edited when their state changed.
- Fixed an issue where kicking player would cause the game to crash.
- Fixed issue with level saving, where it would sometimes just overdrive same file over and over again.
- Improved collision detection of elevators.
- Improved portal physics.
- Improved side menu.
- Included menu sounds.
- Hopefully fixed "Out of Memory"-error.
- Reduced player's running speed from 12 to 8.
- Changed volume levels from linear to exponential.

Until next time!

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