Version 0.5.0 surfaces with brand new menu system

Portal Mortal hits version 0.5.0!

Even thought this update increased the version number from 0.4.* to 0.5.*,  it's merely a phase before next update! It took quite long to get this right (8 months, to be exact) and the reason why there's no Mac or Linux builds available for this build is that... I just want to know if this works at all. Do people find this menu system ok and so forth. Also, content wise there's almost nothing but this redesigned menu structure, so that's another point.

Menu is much more dynamic now. Instead of being hard coded small window on higher resolutions, it actually scales now. From 800x600 all the way up to infinity! I don't know how beautiful it'll look in 4k, but hopefully better than the previous system. While it's, unfortuantely, graphically in progress, it's still multiple times better than the old one, which might tell quite a lot how bad it was.

First timers and old dogs may find this video interesting as it tells quite shortly how to use level editor in this game and also demonstrates the new look of main & block menu:

Even if this was a major update, there really isn't much to say about it, yet. There's some features already available, but hidden from the public eyes, which I hope to demonstrate in next patch a bit more. Old versions are still playable, but the only major difference is the old vs new menu system. Of course I applied some other fixes in as well, so this newer version should be a tad more stable as well. Should.

Without any further delay: Enjoy!

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Aug 31, 2018

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