Version 0.4.0 is out!

Hello wolrd!

- Added team selector.
- Added flag.
- Added goal.
- Added team scoreboard.
- Added instagib ruling block.
- Added pendulum.
- Added option to snap camera automatically between two portals.
- Added server browser and ability to list your hosted game on public list.
- Fixed glow with multiple blocks in custom themes.
- Fixed a crash which occured when audio emitter was placed during multiplayer game.
- Fixed elevator collision problem.
- Fixed problem when trying to middle mouse click meat-block in edit mode.
- Fixed random crash related unability to draw already cleared surface.
- Fixed a crash which occured when clock was placed during multiplayer game.
- Fixed a crash which occured when mechanic base and sawblade shared the same starting space.
- Fixed an issue with missile turrets, which caused them not to shoot during multiplayer game when admin was in edit mode.
- Fixed an issue with mechanical parts, where other blocks wouldn't want to stick on them during multiplayer.
- Fixed a multiplayer issue, where blocks could be deleted while players were still loading.
- Fixed triggers related to clock and audio emitter.
- Improved portal physics.
- Improved snowing and raining effects.
- Improved value descriptions with some blocks.
- Improved clock's timer functionality both in single- and multiplayer.
- Greatly improved hit detection when shooting meaty blocks.
- Multiplayer text fields now support ctrl+v.
- Removed "rotate" tooltip from missile turrets.
- Small improvements to backgrounds.

Plenty of addons and fixes, eh? There's only few notable issues, like lack of background on Linux and illogical continuum of momentum when swinging around. Apart from these bugs, there should be even less hard crashes than before!

Till the next version I hope to complete the main menu rework, at minimum! I'll keep on tinkering around with blocks and improve them, like "mechanic platform". I don't like its solid design. I want players to be able to drop down and shoot through it! But, these are things that are "coming later". Maybe before this game turns 5 years old in April? Who knows!

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