Version 0.7.0 to add more stability and usability, small QoL changes and even futher improving gamepad support

After 8 months of more-or-less effective work, 0.7.0 is out! This one includes 2 nearly 100% finished themes and I'd like to receive feedback about different elements, like is background clear enough to not be confused with everything else and so on. Multiplayer is much more stable, again. Moved engine from GMS1 to GMS2, reworked the whole tiling system, improved blood, improved stability all around, added more support to gamepad and what not! Full patch notes:

- Added prevention so that the font size can never be 0.
- Added new weather conditions.
- Added more sprites to Nature theme.
- Added bindable key to "reach", with which you can push the view further from the player to see better.
- Added cursor highlight in edit mode.
- Added "jump corner correction". If you hit a ceiling, the game tries to nudge you to a right position.
- Added "loop delay" option for animated tiles.
- Added "lightning" options under theme config files.
- Added virtual keyboard for gamepad.
- Added options to choose your virtual keyboard layout.
- Added option "Hide when inactive" for animated tiles.
- Allowed admin to remove tile layers during online play.
- Breaking blocks draw blood based on their integrity.
- Changed "clear level"-prompt from keyboard-only to popup.
- Deleting blocks should now correctly clear them from state-maps.
- Fixed an issue where restore block could crash the game after client was booted from online game.
- Fixed an issue where mechanical hand and pendulum could cause infinite loop.
- Fixed an issue where loading a new theme would throw animated tiles on wrong places.
- Fixed an issue where animated tiles wouldn't correctly update their frames during edit mode.
- Fixed an issue, where main menu could become completely transparent after minimizing and maximizing the game.
- Fixed an issue, which could mess with depth of solid objects.
- Fixed an issue with portal collision.
- Fixed an issue, which allowed shooting portals behind a wall.
- Fixed an issue in multiplayer which prevented adding tiles.
- Fixed an issue, where players could delete a whole tile layer during online play, but it only affected them.
- Fixed an issue, which would result a crash with something...
- Fixed an old multiplayer issue, which could cause client to crash when switching between edit and play modes.
- For now on, tiles are always snapped on grid in edit view.
- Host is no longer forced to reload the current level when hosting a server.
- Improved sprite coloring of particle emitter.
- Improved animated tiles.
- Improved "Tutorial 0" level.
- Improved server shutdown message when players are playing instead of menuing or editing.
- Improved tile placement.
- Improved gore.
- Improved boss sync during multiplayer.
- Minimizing the game automatically opens the main menu now.
- Prevented unnecessary theme loading when theme block wasn't present or when it carried legacy values.
- Reworked the whole tiling system.
- Triggers can now activate exits and playlist portals.
- Upgraded from GMS1 to GMS2.
- When rainy theme is selected, rain will now leave sparkling dropplets on solid surface.
- When changing between fullscreen and windowed, zoom level won't reset itself, unless the size of the window reaches specific value.

With this upgrade, there should be clear impact to frames. Levels, which used to run poorly on lower spec computers, should now run without bigger problems, unless there's "blood party" going on. Anyhow, there's plenty of smaller things I'm going to change in future versions, but I felt like this was finally stable enough to be released. If you've read this far and want to give it ago, I would be more than happy to receive feedback about graphics: can you clearly tell what's background and what's not? Does dangerous things look actually dangerous? Does some non-dangerous things look actually dangerous? General feedback about anything is also welcome! At this time, there won't be Mac version available.

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May 14, 2020

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